KVKX Thailand

It is a company founded to find new products and services,
Health, beauty, and skin (innovative Cosmetic Products & Services)
To meet the needs of current customers. The key inspiration is that Doctor
Has to keep solving problems for customers who use products that are not for the actual problem condition.
Non-standard products in both production and safety for users, including the customer’s improper use of the products. 



Premium Quality with Good Prices

From the idea that “I want Thai people to have good skincare products at an affordable price”, our Dr. Koong sought the best from all over the world into “every” KVKX skincare product with “excellent quality ingredients and international standard manufacturing facilities” so that every KVKX product reaches the hands of Thai customers at the counter brand level at affordable prices, delivering beauty to the hands of all Thai people with the determination of the medical team.

KVKX products

KVKX brand started with a product named
Inaclear Cream has received great feedback. Then, the brand has added more
Products to meet the needs of the customers, such as skincare products and supplements.