Wash Your Face the Right Way, Change Your Life, Change Your Skin

#Wash your face properly, the beginning of bright and healthy facial skin!!!
#Get clear skin by yourself
Washing your face is the easiest way. 
Just wash your face thoroughly without clogging pores so that acne caused by dirt clogging will disappear. Skin problems that we encounter will disappear as well.
Washing your face the right way can be divided into 2 parts: 1. How to wash your face and 2. How to choose a facial cleanser 
The first is how to wash your face. The safest way to wash your face is to wash your face along the hair follicles.
An  explanation may not be visible enough so you can see in the picture to see how to wash your face. When washing, gently apply it over your face to allow the dirt to come off.
Do not rub your face or it will get wrinkles.
Then, “How to choose a facial cleanser”: For those who do not want to wash their face with many steps, just find a product that can wash your face thoroughly, such as 3in1 or 5in1 facial foam. There are many in the market, importantly, look for a cleansing foam containing “moisturizer” too.
Moisturizers help maintain the softness and moisture of your facial skin to prevent our faces from becoming stiff. If you choose a cleanser without a moisturizer to maintain moisture in your face, you will be at risk of acne and wrinkles very easily.

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