Astaxanthin #Goddessofskinindustry that girls must love a lot if they want to have healthy and young skin!!
What is Astaxanthin??
Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring substance present in red halibut, shrimp shells, crab shells, and salmon that helps to prevent cell damage and oxidative processes leading to premature wrinkles and aging of cells, and gives moisture to the skin.
Why do we need to know Astaxanthin ??
Well, if you want to have beautiful and youthful skin, you need to know about Astaxanthin because Astaxanthin has high #Antioxidant. How high it is? Try to think about it.

6000 times stronger than vitamin C
800 times stronger than CoQ10
550 times stronger than green tea catechins, vitaminE
75 times stronger than alpha lipoic acid (ALA)
Antioxidant is a substance that helps slow down the aging of our skin. The more there are, the better it is! Its special properties are:
✔️ To add moisture to the skin
✔️ To increase the elasticity of the skin 
✔️ To slow down the aging of skin cells
✔️ To make it more resistant to sunlight. Many studies show that applying astaxanthin daily for 4-8 weeks significantly changes the skin’s hydration and elastin levels.
As it is better than anything else, when our body or skin begins to deteriorate, your skin starts to have wrinkles. If you get Astaxanthin to help, it will slow down aging again. Knowing this, don’t forget to consume and apply astaxanthin regularly.
#Astaxanthin is the best helper.
“It also contains in our I-bloc, girls, KVKX.”
#Mor Kung

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