INCLEAR CREAM : Innovation invented by French scientists

INCLEAR CREAM : Innovation invented by French scientists by creating an extract from protein mimics DKK-1 that exists in our body, we can inhibit melanin production at every step.
With a formula suitable for Asian skin by an Asian doctor, it becomes a whitening cream that blocks all steps of pigmentation with the perfect combination of whitening agents system.
“7 in one”
1. To reduce blemishes, freckles, and dark spots to fade, the results can be seen in 14 days.
2. To reduce free radicals from sun exposure on the face.
3. To help to reduce the skin that is burned from the sun and restore the skin vitality quickly.
4. To reduce redness, dark spots, and acne from the inflammatory process.
5. To adjust the skin color to be smooth and even.
6. To smoothen pores, make make-up last long and not crusty.
7. To make the skin more healthy, rebuild younger and stronger collagen and elastin.
Properties – To reduce melasma, freckles, dark spots fade after 14 days of continuous use – To reduce dark spots, acne scars from inflammatory processes – To adjust skin color to be smooth and even – To make your skin healthy. The main components of INACLEAR CREAM are:
1. Inaclear (DKK-1) active ingredient
2. Whitening agents system
3. Moisturizing agent
4. Anti-irritant agent
How to use: – Apply daily, morning-evening, apply all over the face on areas with melasma, freckles, and dark spots – if your face is dry, it is recommended to apply IDRA DEEP to the skin immediately after washing your face. After that, apply INACLEAR accordingly and then you may apply another moisturizer. – Morning: Remember to apply sunscreen before leaving your house because the treatment of melasma and freckles will have the best results when protecting your skin from the sun. Results: See results after 14 days, with maximum results in 56 days. *Concentrated formula, maximum results, supported by research *Reduce melanin in every step (normally 4 steps) *It is also superior to general whitening products with step 5 DKK-1 *Reduce melasma, freckles, dark spots, and brighten the skin so effectively you can feel it. Thank you for the video from onnbaby for reviewing INACLEAR cream.

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