Beginning of Dr.Koong

Brand owner KVKX Thailand And the owner of KornvikkaClinic

From the beginning, I saw that Thai people’s melasma problem, including Asian people, is a matter that is very close to us. As most people are at risk of having a lot of melasma and I’m an anti-aging and regenerative physician and have a lot of interest in studying and researching melasma, plus experience in treating melasma for many patients and encountering many types of problems, I thought I would like to start creating good skincare to meet Thais and Asians skin problems here as much as I can.

That is the origin of the KVKX Thailand brand.

And my first skincare is ‘INACLEAR CREAM’. I must say that before becoming this skincare, it wasn’t easy. I didn’t think I could do it.

I had to study and proceed with trial and error with other brands of melasma treatment or whitening skincare products, both expensive and not expensive, to find which one is better.

I have tried it all. Finally, I ended up in France to develop a skincare product formula and picked up the innovation DKK-1 as one of the Active Ingredient

It is an innovation that really helps to reduce the dullness of melasma, freckles, and dark spots and is only used in 3 countries around the world, namely France, Japan, and Thailand.

As of now, there are 8 products under the KVKX Thailand brand,

Skincare products and supplements. Every product

I was determined and carefully selected it so that consumers can get the best things as much as possible.

I flew far to foreign countries, from one country to another country.

To get the most premium extract including the factory used for production with internationally certified standards.

“I want to do it. Anybody can make quality and high-priced things. But if you do a qualified product with an affordable price, it would be much cooler.”

– Doctor Kung (Dr. Kornvikka Pattanapran)

            From that day until now, the KVKX Thailand brand has come to celebrate its 4th anniversary. I and the brand KVKX Thailand never stop developing and constantly improving our various products so that every product remains in the standard and the quality is getting better because
I love to see everyone have better facial skin and health. It’s worth the price with what you pay.

฿1,550 ฿790

Skin Care


฿590 ฿390
฿450 ฿360
฿1,550 ฿650



฿2,700 ฿790